The Systems Alchemist Jodie

Are You Ready to Create the Time & Money Freedom you Deserve?

Finally break free from fire fighting everyday tasks that keep you stuck and confidently step into the CEO role to create the time & money freedom that you dreamt of when starting your business. 

Even if you have no idea where to start and don’t think you have time.

Most business owners understand the importance of a strong business foundation that keeps the day-to-day running like a well oiled machine, but there’s

one undeniable problem.

…many do not have that foundation and without it, businesses get stuck

The time and energy wasted trying to keep your head above water is exhausting

You’ve tried, but haven’t been able to get the systems in place to breathe, let alone scale.

You know fortunes are not made when in a constant state of overwhelm.

Jodie the Systsms Alchemist

A state that exists when you’re doing all the things:


Manually sending contracts and invoices


Communicating ineffectively with your team over email


Leaving money on the table by not following up hot leads


Feverishly searching for documents – with no organisation in your asset and data management systems


Learning the newest CRM to set up autoresponders, only to find errors that you now have to troubleshoot


Manually chasing leads in DMs and emails.

So what happens when you’re constantly firefighting last minute tasks and doing everything except what’s needed to make your dream business a reality?

Your gut reaction is, “I need to hire help.”

But dread sets in because it would take more time to explain how to do things rather than do it yourself.

You sink further and further into the trap of not being able to scale, to help more people, make more money and have the freedom this business was meant to do. 

But, let me be the one to tell you – It’s post pandemic 2022, economies are suffering and people need your services more than ever!

But if you’re drowning in your business doing everything but creating space to work in your zone of genius more often, I guarantee you won’t have a business for long.

Reactively running a business without the necessary automation and scaling systems in place will result in one thing and one thing only – burnout.

Then, you’ll take a hit in revenue or even worse…you’ll be forced to search Indeed to head back to the 9 to 5 grind.

In fact, 70% of small businesses fail within 5 years and many fail because of the lack of sales.

Solid Scaling Systems

It’s simple.

There are more problems to solve today than there were just a couple of months ago. Someone has a problem, you have the solution. Connect and be of service.

But you’re missing out because you can’t keep your head above water with the day to day. Trying to do all the things is swallowing your valuable time resulting in dozens of missed opportunities for connection and sales.

Whether you’re in need of:


    Growing your client base through high-converting sales funnels


    Streamlining your sales processes


    Creating and managing sleek onboarding systems


    Automating time-sucking, everyday tasks


    Using the time in your business more efficiently


    Reinventing your back-end marketing efforts


    Effectively guiding your team to manage the behind the scenes

    You don’t have to look any further…


    Solid Scaling Systems
    The Solid Scaling Systems 12 Week Group Beta Programme is a group programme for business owners, virtual assistants and other business support staff who are looking to create a stress-free, automated business with the ability to help more people and make more money.

    During this Programme, I’m walking you through my exact process and how to implement it in your business immediately so that you…


    Wake up every morning excited to work in your zone of with all your systems in place, working effortlessly without you.


    Can be secure knowing that your business is not leaking opportunities. Know that your clients are being served and nothing is slipping through the cracks, leaving a bad impression.


    Feel confident in that your team understands exactly what to do without micromanaging


    Have time and headspace for ideas to help more people and create the business you’ve always dreamed of

    You can stop hoping and praying that you catch up or find the magical team member to transform your business and instead…

    Step out of the admin weeds and into freedom and space.

    Jodie the Systsms Alchemist

    What’s Included In The Solid Scaling Systems 12 Week Beta Group Programme?

    For 12 weeks you’ll have me right by your side every step of the way to turn your behind-the-scenes chaos into an efficient, sales generating machine that runs on autopilot.

    We’ll have two calls per week and just as I’m there to guide and hold space for you, I ask that you commit and are accountable for working through the programme and showing up at least one of the calls.

    We’ll have an intimate group in which you’ll have access not only to me for ad-hoc questions, but to the rest of the cohort where you can support each other.

    Let’s break down

    the modules


    This pre-work module is designed to help you understand what you’re going to get out of this programme, the difference between productivity and efficiency and what you can expect throughout the programme.

    Module 1

    The Foundations of You

    In this module we work through who you are and how you work. We’ll dive into your strengths and really get clear about the things you do and don’t want to be doing in your business. It’s all about what lights you up.

    • We’ll work out your £10 from your £100 tasks.
    • We’ll look at your goals and how to break those down to create actionable steps.
    • We’ll talk about creating the environment you need to succeed.

    Module 2

    Your Systems Foundations

    In this module we’ll look at the secret sauce that underpins all foundations of a system. We’ll work through my formula to create a system and all the elements that it covers.

    • We’ll look at process creation, templates, choosing your platforms, SOPs and more! This will form the foundation for the rest of the programme.

    Module 3

    Your Tech Stack

    In Module 3 we’re going to dive into your Tech Stack.

    • What it means to keep it lean and your minimum viable tech stack.
    • Then we’ll cover Asset and data management, Project management, email and marketing automation, call booking systems, Zapier 101 and more!
    • By the end of this module you’ll have a clear understanding of what tech you need in your business!

    Module 4

    Attraction & Nurture

    In this module,

    • We’ll look at lead management & pipeline systems, lead magnet systems, call booking & follow up systems.
    • We’ll also look at collecting information from your leads to build up that all important picture of your ideal clients.

    Module 5

    Onboarding & Delivery

    We’re going to uncover what it really means to give your client the experience they deserve, your client delivery systems and more! By the end of this module you’ll have a clear picture of your customers journey through the onboarding & delivery process.

    Module 6

    Wrap Up & Retention

    • We’re going to work through client wrap up systems, how you can gather important feedback, testimonials and build case studies.
    • Plus, we’ll look at how retaining clients can affect your bottom line.

    This Is The Exact Process I Use With My 1:1

    Clients Who Quickly See BIG Business Changes…

    Cheryl Lee – Now Is Your Time

    When we’re introduced to Jodie, we knew that we had to have her supporting us and our team. She is a guru of systems and processes. Everything that we did in our business was manual. And she came in, and she looked at our business, and she’s been supporting us ever since, on making us feel grown up, making us into a proper business, making sure that we have automations and streamlined processes, running across our business to make our life easier, but more importantly, our client life easier. She is so knowledgeable, more importantly, very trustworthy. She has a really great, honest, direct approach, and she really cares. That’s the most important thing for us is like Jodie, it’s not Jodie’s business, but Jodie cares about our business. And she cares about supporting us, to help us to evolve and grow our business. Over the last three years, we have generated multiple, six figures in our business, and Jodie has been instrumental in making this happen. So I will highly recommend to anyone I speak to and will continue to do so. And Jodie will always be part of our extended team supporting us to build and develop and grow Now Is Your Time.

    Louise Cowley – Designsta

     All businesses need a Jodie! I am 5 years into my business and I wish I had found Jodie years ago. Her expertise on systems and integrations has made such a huge difference to the way I am running my business. Jodie set up ThriveCart, Zapier and ActiveCampaign and helped me with setting up email funnels and offers to make sure my site is properly optimised to make sales, she has explained everything to me so thoroughly and has worked out more than a few tricky tech situations where I wasn’t sure we would find an outcome. I’m so excited to continue growing my business with the amazing systems that Jodie has put in place for me.

    Irene Macabante

     The value that Jodie provides is unbelievable. It would have taken me months to figure all of this stuff out and in less than a week Jodie set up my entire operations and project management system. She helped me determine which systems were best for my needs and preferences, and with a few clicks, voilà! There they were, set up and ready to go.

    How Is Solid Scaling Systems Different?

    What makes this programme different than anything else offered is:


    I’m not just telling you that you need to create a foundation and systems, then leaving you with a one-size fits all, broad explanation and expect you to do it on your own. I’ll be by your side every step of the way to answer questions and solve problems within your actual business.

    I break down the process into bite-sized, easy to understand chunks without the fluff so you can consume the content and easily take action to see results fast!


    I 100% understand that there are a million templates for SOPs, processes and sales funnels that you can find online. But those are not specific for your needs or your business.

    This programme will solve the problems of your business, plus anticipate and address potential problems that you may not see yet!

    It’s different because you’ll get results – the relief you’ve been so desperately chasing.

    Sinead Steenson – Generation Women

    Working with Jodie has been brilliant.

    If I could have her in my business full time I would in a heartbeat. She’s easy and fun to work with. Her knowledge is fantastic, she can see how to put together what you need to achieve your business goals like it’s an IKEA flat pack!  She has so much experience working with digital businesses that she gives you great insights and ideas. I can’t recommend her enough!!

    Why You Should Trust Me

    I don’t just teach this stuff, I actually do it! I use this exact system myself and for my clients to free up valuable time, increase profits and reach their business goals. I’m not just regurgitating a theoretical system taught by some guru.

    I’ve helped countless coaches and course creators work less, eliminate stress, raise their prices and increase referrals — all by streamlining back end systems and client management workflows.

    I’ve pulled business owners out of the weeds so they can sell more, serve more and spend more of their days doing what they love.

    That’s what I’m going to do for you too!

    Hi! I’m Jodie!

    …also known as The Systems Alchemist.

    I’m a Systems Strategist, Certified Positive Psychology Coach, Certified Launch manager & has been crafting unforgettable client experiences for almost half a decade.

    It’s my mission in business to help female entrepreneurs create the money and time freedom they crave but creating the solid systems foundation needed to support growth.

    I’ve helped countless coaches and course creators work less, eliminate stress, raise their prices and increase referrals — all by streamlining back end systems and client management workflows.

    My tried-and-tested systems strategy frameworks pull business owners out of the weeds so they can sell more, serve more and spend more of their days doing what they love.

    Jodie the Systsms Alchemist
    Systems Alchmeist Light Pink Star
    Kaitlyn Carlson – Theory Planning Partners

    Jodie is the ultimate systems wizard and an absolute joy to work with! I feel so much more confident about the processes I have in place for my business. I’m excited that I now have a solid foundation upon which I can build. From onboarding to ongoing client management, the systems intensive gave me the outline I need to feel like I’m on a speedboat instead of plugging holes in a row boat!

    Who Is Solid Scaling Business Systems For?

    It’s For You If…


    You’re a business owner who needs help getting out of the administration weeds and back to focusing on the reason you started your business


    You’re a team member of a business that is in desperate need of systems and you’re ready to be the team superstar


    You’re a virtual assistant or online business manager who is looking to help their clients grow

    It Is NOT For You If…

    You’re a slacker and can’t focus or implement to save your life

    You’re looking for a ninja hack today to be a billionaire by next Tuesday

    Your business is running perfectly and you don’t need any help reaching more people, making more money and living a money/time freedom lifestyle

    Jodie the Systsms Alchemist

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    I’m a small business owner just like you. I understand the risk you feel when you decide to invest in an online programme. You work hard for your money and don’t want to waste it on something that won’t give you results.

    I’m proud of the work I provide my clients and know that anyone who invests in this programme and shows up and implements it, will see success in their business.

    That’s why I’m offering a satisfaction guarantee. If you go through the entire program, show up to the calls and do the work and still don’t feel you have a solid foundation, I will extend your coaching support for 3 months.

    This Is The Only Time You’ll See The Price This Low!

    Join Now Before It’s Too Late!

    You could keep doing what you’re doing. And 90 days from now be in the same place – overwhelmed and stuck in your business.

    Or you could take action, finally get your business foundation and systems in place and step into the role of CEO.

    With the right systems in place, you are opening up time and space to be able to land new clients that could result in 100% ROI from Solid Scaling Systems. Not sure what systems you need?  No worries, that’s what I’m here for!

    So, what’s stopping you?

    When you click the “Yes, I’m In” button, you will be sent to a check out page where you can enter your payment information directly.

    This is a BETA offer starting in September 2022 with only 10 spots available. You don’t want to miss this opportunity.

    Solid Scaling Systems

    Join the Wait List and be the first to hear about my new cohort!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How is Solid Scaling Business Systems delivered?

    Solid Scaling Systems will be delivered through an online portal, in different formats, video, PDF. You will be sent an email with login information after payment is made.

    Do I have to pay for any additional applications or softwares?

    The subscriptions for the software that you choose to use will be your own responsibility. Although, I do go through keeping lean systems in the course. The softwares that I recommend and teach are:

    How long will I have access to the materials?

    You have lifetime access to the material! If we ever decide to discontinue the course we’ll make sure to inform you in a timely manner so you can download all the videos / PDFs etc. so even then you’ll still have them for as long as you like!

    How much time is required to see results? I'm already overwhelmed.

    The course content will take around an hour per week, plus another hour for weekly calls and then implementation into your systems. All in all, approximately 3 – 4 hours per week.

    Do I have to pay for any additional applications/softwares?

    You have the option of not using any additional tools but for best results we do recommend a couple tools to help you get better results. These tools range from $49-$79.99.

    What if I don’t get the results I want?

    It’s highly unlikely – more commonly, my clients see far better results than they expect. But, if you go through the entire program, show up to the calls and do the work and still don’t feel you have a solid foundation, I will extend your coaching support for 3 months.

    Lora Caven

    I wanted to send you a message to say thanks for so so much. The help you have given me in the last few months in really customizing everything in my business with my systems is like night and day. I’m so grateful for the recommendation to work with you. You understood me straight away, you understood my business and what was missing in terms of scaling it to it’s next level and I literally could not have done it without you, so thank you so so much for being the person that was there for me when I didn’t understand what was next and for holding my hand along the way.

    What I know and what I coach on in business is that we all need to stay in our lane. We need to know what we’re good at and we need to outsource what we’re not. I’m not good at systems, I’m not good at tech and you are incredible, so thanks for being that person for me and for all that you’ve done to help me. My business is in such a different place as a result of your systems, so thanks again!

    Go From Running Around Like A Chicken With It’s Head Cut Off to Having Digital Systems That Turn Your Business Into GOLD.

    See You On The Inside!