My Top  Platform Recommendations

Digital platforms can totally transform the capabilities of a business, taking care of the day-to-day operations, giving you (the business owner) more space and time to spend in your zone of genius.

For many years I’ve helped businesses choose and set up the processes and systems they need to improve their client experience and scale their business. Now I’d like to help YOU!

How to choose the right platforms for your business

I always get asked which platforms I would recommend. Every business is different, and with so many to choose from the tricky bit is understanding how they work, and how to combine them for maximum efficiency! That’s where I come in…

Each platform should be chosen to suit your processes and business needs. The ones listed below I’ve used many times and know that they deliver on what they promise.

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What to think about when researching digital platforms for your business


Consider the platforms you already have in place and ask yourself:

  • What functionalities do they have/not have that you need/like?
  • What are the implications of moving over to a new platform?

How well does the platform play with others?

  • Fully research the integrations to understand what it can connect with.
  • PRO TIP: I always check Zapier to see what actions a platform has on there (if it’s there at all!). If it’s not on Zapier, I usually steer clear.

How friendly is the platform for users and clients?

  • Is it simple to launch, even for non-technical minds!
  • What will the client’s experience be like?

Think about the set up and ongoing management:

  • Who will implement, manage, and monitor it?
  • How much time do you/your team need to invest in learning and training?

Ok… enough of the questions! Let’s dive into the recommendations!

Active Campaign Logo

Active Campaign

ActiveCampaign is my most favourite tool. This Customer Experience Automation Platform helps create optimized customer experiences by automating many behind-the-scenes marketing, sales, and support processes.


Although Kajabi is an all-in-one platform, the reason I love it is the great experience it provides for you and your client. It’s so user-friendly that even without any tech knowledge you can create a standout bespoke course with ease.

Thrive Cart Logo


ThriveCart is a powerful all-in-one checkout platform. I think it’s got everything! A seamless checkout process that manages card details and subscriptions, tools for upselling, creating offers and setting up affiliate and deals or JV partnerships. The insights are brilliant too.

Google Workspace log

Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a solid foundational suite on which to grow. I love the simplicity, integration, sharing capabilities and management that Google provides through its suite of tools.

Acuity Logo


Acuity is my favourite when it comes to managing client calls. It synchronizes easily with my Google Calendar, so I’m never double booked. Multiple open times for appointments makes it easy to block out your time and it can also take payment and host onboarding forms.

Zoom logo


We’ve all heard of Zoom right? I love the user experience and features of Zoom. It integrates seamlessly with so many other tools, it’s easy for anyone to use and it provides a professional client experience.

otter ai logo is something I use alongside my Zoom. It provides a transcript of Zoom calls automatically. This is a great way to capture key information during calls without losing concentration, and for providing clients with multiple ways to digest content.

Typeform logo


I use Typeform for many things in my business, including collecting testimonials and feedback. I love the user experience of their forms and the integrations that you can do with other platforms.

Video Ask logo


VideoAsk was created by Typeform and gives people a very easy and interactive way to answer questions such as ‘How did you find your client experience?’. It also provides an invaluable way to collect the holy grail in client feedback – video testimonials!

zapier logo


As a little bonus I want to tell you about Zapier. An amazing integration platform that allows you to connect a multitude of tools that otherwise wouldn’t connect. It brings automation to a whole new level, from beginner to advanced, you’re going to want to check it out!

Click up logo


ClickUp is such an awesome project management tool, I love the fact it’s both powerful and simple at the same time. I use this tool for managing my entire business, it’s my central hub! If you haven’t given it a go, check it out… you won’t be disappointed!

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